Our great city of Evansville we automatically identify with as 'our' city. However, I have been thinking, we can't be the only Evansville out there, but could we be the greatest? Let's find out just how many Evansville's there are in the United States...

Altogether there are SEVEN Evansville's in the United States that are actually considered towns or villages with steady populations. The others are all but abandoned and don't even have population info or road maps. This begs the question though, where are the other Evansville's? Let me list them.

1) Evansville, Indiana is by far the largest in population and land (square miles). Of course, we are all familiar with it.

2) Evansville, Alaska is a small village with a population of 28. Yes, 28 people total.

3) Evansville, Wyoming has a small but established population of 2,831.

4) Evansville, Minnesota has just 602 people within its limits.

5) Evansville, Arkansas didn't have a population listed that I could find, however, they DO have a fire department and four roads. So, I allowed it on the list.

6) Evansville, Wisconsin boasts a whopping 5,012 residents, being the second largest Evansville by population in the United States. To give you a reference, Mount Vernon, Indiana has around 7,000 people.

7) Finally, Evansville, Illinois has a population of 701.

So there you have it! All of the Evansville's of the United States! From the looks of the Evansville's that I saw in photos, I'd say our Evansville is definitely the greatest, but I could be slightly biased.

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