Navigating certain areas of Evansville's westside can be kind of confusing, especially if you don't spend much time there. One area that I imagine doesn't see too many non-westsiders is the intersection near Sontag Avenue and Mt. Vernon Avenue.

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We recently had a company 'Fun Day' outing at High Score Player Two which is located in this area (2814 Mt. Vernon Ave). I'm a westsider so I of course know right where the classic arcade is. LIberty, on the other hand, had no idea how to find it. I told her "it's on Mt. Vernon Avenue ' but that didn't help at all. Next, I told her to just stay on Franklin Street as she heads west - that too did not help. My final thought was "I'll just draw her a simple map." I quickly jotted down the path she needed to take. Here is the map I gave her.

attachment-MY Map-High Score Player Two

Now, I know full well how much Liberty struggles with finding places and following directions - and I still thought my map would get the job done.

Fast forward to the next day - Liberty and I are on the air talking about our event when all of the sudden she tells me my map was no good and she had a hard time finding the arcade. How could she get lost on such a simple trip? Take a listen to how she explains herself...

Liberty Blames Bobby for Getting Lost

Now I want you to decide for yourself. Is/Was my map really the problem? Check out this side-by-side of my map and the actual Google Map. I think they're pretty doggone similar - in fact, I'm actually pretty impressed with myself.

attachment-High Score Player Two maps

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