Evansville-based family shelter, Ozanam is asking for your help so they can continue providing shelter and other services to homeless residents and single women in need of assistance in the area.

The local non-profit operates two locations in Evansville, the original location on the corner of Columbia and 2nd Avenue which opened in 1990, and the location pictured above at 1100 Read Street that opened two years later. Both of which are fully funded by donations from the community.

The shelters provide free emergency accommodations for up to 17 families and six single women in need, as well as Family Advocate Services which includes Life Skill Application Workshops, Job Assistance Counseling, and Parenting Classes.

It takes roughly $20,000 per month to operate the shelters, and this time of year is typically when they see a dip in donations.

To learn more about the Ozanam Family Shelter's mission, and how you can help them continue it, visit their official website.

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