Time Magazine recently released their list of the 100 most influential people in the world. That got us thinking...who are Evansville's most influential people? 

Sure, Tiffany Haddish and Milly Bobby Brown might be considered influential people in the bigger scheme of things, but what about people making a difference here locally?

These people don't necessarily have to be politicians or public figures. All they need to meet the criteria of an influential person is have a positive impact on our community.

We've complied a list of people we consider the most influential people in Evansville. We've also included some quotes from local people on why they think this individual deserves a spot on the list. Take a look:

Lloyd Winnecke: Mayor of Evansville

Ron Rhodes: Meteorologist
"When Ron talks, people listen. If he tells me to prepare for severe weather, I prepare."

Amy Word-Smith: Entrepreneur, owner of Lamasco Bar & Grill and The Dapper Pig, Founder of the Franklin Street Events Association
"She is a motivated boss lady with a vision. If she wants something, she will make it happen."

Billy Bolin: Chief of Police, organizer of 911 Gives Hope, the 911 Gives Hope holiday toy drive, Guns & Hoses, and Cops Connecting with Kids

Jason Cullum: Sgt. for the Evansville Police Department, EPD Spokesperson

Wally Paynter: Social acitivist, LGBTQ+ ally, manager of Southern Illinois AIDS Coalition and Vincennes AIDS Community Action Group

Missy Mosby: City councilwoman, businesswoman, animal activist

Evansville Watch: Facebook and Twitter organization, monitors police radio
"When Evansville Watch tells you to stay away from an intersection, you do it."

Dave Wedding: Vanderburgh County Sheriff

Phillip Smith: Beloved officer for the Evansville Police Department

Don Mattingly: Former MLB player, former coach of LA Dodgers and New York Yankees, current manager of Miami Marlins

West Side Nut Club: Community organization
"Personally, I'm a member of the Nut Club. We do the Fall Festival, which benefits almost every non-profit group in Evansville. To date we have donated more than $8 million back to the city of Evansville."

Linda White: Former Deaconess CEO
"Not only is she a wonderful, successful business woman but every encounter I've had with her she has been full of grace. She is extremely personable and very kind."

Ron Romain: Businessman
"Romain School of Business, Romain Cross Pointe...little tournament going on called United Leasing and Finance that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity."

Courtney Johnson: Young & Established, Inc.
"He is a great guy - always has the kids in mind. He always has something to give back to the community. He is definitely one of the top role models in the area."

Stacey Godbold: Founder/CEO/Executive Producer of Project Reveal
"She is a great woman inspiring other women. She embraces everything about them. Just her work with Project Reveal and then throughout the community being sure everybody has a positive outlook."

Billy the Flag Man: Inspirational patriot
"We tend to get caught up in our own lives and think that our problems are so huge. But you drive past Billy and he is a reminder that our stuff that we have going on as minuscule compared to what he is trying to remind us and represent."

Youth First, Inc.: Nonprofit organization
"It's a program with the schools in Evansville for families. It gives you ideas and tips on how to relate to teenagers, family issues...they talk about drugs and alcohol and how to stay away from them. Just to keep your family connected and together and progress forward in a good manner."

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