Find out how how one local woman is using her birthday as a reason to give back!


Normally, when it comes to birthdays, everyone likes to think about what they'll get or where they are going to go out to celebrate. For Gennie Adams, she's decided that instead of thinking of herself, she is thinking of the animals that need homes at the Another Chance for Animals animal shelter! Another Chance for Animals is amazing organization that helps animals find homes. However, the cost of running such a place can be expensive.

That's why Gennie set up a fundraiser to help raise money for the shelter. Instead of her friends getting her stuff on her birthday, she wants the money to be donated to the fundraiser. This is a very cool act of selflessness that goes that there are still people out there who think of others. Also, and I've said this many times before, animals are often cooler than people so anything that helps them out is great. Gennie has already reached her first goal for the shelter and is on her way to reaching her next! You can donate to the cause by clicking this link!

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