It seems like we are constantly hearing stories about women being followed and stalked, while they are shopping. Sometimes, the stories sound the same, maybe copycat creeps. But when I saw Katelyn Watson's experience being shared on FB, I was pretty freaked out! I consider the Darmstadt  area pretty safe. Honestly, I'm afraid if this had been me, I would've been too distracted to notice. I've literally walked into displays, while texting.

Katelyn is an advocate for women and girls protecting themselves, and really wants to make sure this creep doesn't actually hurt anyone.


Last night 8/8/18 at 8:30pm in Evansville, IN I had a scary experience that has me very concerned.

(I am ALWAYS aware of my surroundings. I had taken self defense classes after having been attacked by an ex in the past. I am ALWAYS aware. I observe everyone.)

Subject description: white Caucasian male late 50’s. White hair. Round face. Approx 5’10” 220-235lbs. White T-shirt khaki pants. Drove a white /light silver SUV. 2010-2012 CHEVY Equinox? Shaped. It was dark and the lights were on. I didn’t get a license plate number...

I went to the new Northside Schnucks grocery off Highway 41 and Boonville New Harmony Rd around 8:30pm. I stopped to get a few things and my husband had sent me a few more items we were in need of.
Nothing at first seemed out of the ordinary so i was getting the things of my list and my guard was down. I had just left the produce section and just in passing observed several people browsing through produce. I stopped for a second to double check my list and a man pushed very close past me and I moved me and my cart to make sure I wasn’t in the way. I looked up at him and he had no produce in his hand after having browsed all around. Okay. Thought nothing much of it. He kept looking at me and I caught him doing it several times. I moved on. I noticed that the next isle I went to he had moved to the end and was browsing and picking up things but didn’t have a cart, basket, or anything he would be holding to purchase.

I moved to a different section. Every section I would look all around and then there he was. Never holding anything. Never actually going to buy anything. Always watching me. He would always pretend to be reading a label but kept looking up in my direction. I made sure to be very aware. I finished shopping quickly and was about to text my husband that I felt I was being followed by a middle aged white man. I looked around after standing in a check out line. I didn’t see him anymore. I checked out and the very nice lady checked me out incredibly slow. I tried to be patient and kept a watchful eye but I didn’t see him anymore, so I didn’t send the text.

I didn’t want to be “paranoid”. My fault. I left with the groceries in the cart and started to get into the parking lot. That’s when I saw the SUV. He was sitting in a running SUV in the parking lot after having bought nothing. Just sitting in the drivers seat watching me.... but now he is wearing a black baseball cap and sunglasses. Mind you it’s after 8:30pm. No one wear a baseball cap and sunglasses after having not wore one earlier, outside, at night. I call my husband immediately and make sure this guy sees me staring at him. I throw all the groceries in the back quickly. Never keep my back to him. My hand is inside my purse to use my mace and/or knife.

I hurried while explaining his description to my husband on the phone get in my car and leave. I drive like crazy and make sure that no one would have been able to follow me. I saw the SUV pull out in my rear view but I’m sure I lost him and went way away from my home before going there. I panicked. I should have called the cops right away. I just wanted to get away from there. I got home safe and locked all the doors. I’m safe. But I could have not been...

Y’all watch out. This is my personal experience. I have seen other people post things that didn’t seem entirely true. But please for the love look out for yourself. I’m shook. I’m ready to mace someone. I’m ready to throw someone to the ground in a choke hold. Please be aware of your surrounding at all times. I don’t shop at Walmart ever and when I occasionally “have to” I never go alone. But this was the nice Schnucks. This guy was looking to pick someone out. He chose the wrong person. But he was there where you would least expect it.

UPDATE!!!!: I have reported the entire situation to the Schnucks and the Sheriffs office. The Sheriff said that “since no crime had been committed, they couldn’t file a formal report”.... So ladies PLEASE share this with any women you know so that we can prevent the crime from actually happening! I want to get the word out so that someone doesn’t become a victim no matter what his intentions are....

 Since sharing her story, Katelyn has had a young woman message her, and said that she had been at that Schnuck's 1 1/2 hours earlier, and was not paying any attention to her surroundings, just listening to music and looking at her phone. She's thankful that she saw the story, to be reminded to stay vigilant.
If you encounter any sort of creeper like this, call 9-1-1 and/or keep that mace handy.

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