It's been about eight months since the very sad and unfortunate passing of Bill Merkel, the founder of Facebook and Twitter group Evansville Watch.  Evansville Watch monitored the police radio in Evansville, and would inform the community via social media about things that were happening.  It developed a massive following here in the Tri-State because often times these stories would be so ridiculous that they would ONLY be possible here in Evansville and the surrounding communities.  Additionally, they would "assist" local law enforcement as far as helping get the word out regarding areas to stay away from or help locating suspects.  Really, Evansville Watch is a tremendous asset to our community.


Also, we here at KISS 106 and The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West LOVED to bring you the weekly segment "It Came From Evansville Watch" which focused on some of the more absurd stories from the organization from the previous week.  But sadly, when Evansville Watch's founder passed away, so too did the posts from his group.


Over the past few weeks I've noticed some life on Evansville Watch's Facebook page.  It didn't seem to have the reliability and frequency of it's heyday, but it was nice to see them in my newsfeed again, and it gave me and its fellow followers hope that we may see a revival of the group again soon.


That day may have come!  Very late last night (Wednesday, January 16th, 2019), the official Evansville Watch Facebook page posted the following status:


"We are excited to announce that after an 8 month hiatus we are back up and running on Twitter! We had a very strenuous process we had to go through to infiltrate Bill's Fort Knox of passwords. Everything will be posted through the Facebook page so responding on Twitter may be very limited until further down the road. We appreciate everyone's support as the past several months have been difficult to bear. Just know that we are pressing on! Love ya Evansville! #ewatch"



So strap yourselves in, Evansville!  As the group continues to relaunch, we will continue to be able to keep you posted on those weird and crazy and "uniquely Evansville" stories that only Evansville Watch can provide and The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West can bring to life!

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