The Rob and Maddie stopped by Miss Ashworth's class at Central High School to talk about life after high school. 

High school can be a confusing time. You're young and having fun, but also slowly preparing yourself for the next huge step in your life - the "real world". While there's nothing but first-hand experience that will prepare you for that step, a little advice never hurt anybody.

The Rob and Maddie stopped by Miss Ashworth's career class yesterday to talk about life after high school and how they got into the world of radio. It was a lot of fun!

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They answered questions about what it's like to work in radio for a living and talked with the kids about their future plans. There was a lot of potential in each class! Hopefully we see some of them in the KISS106 studio in the future.

While we discussed goals and offered advice, we had a lot of fun while doing it. The kids were a talkative bunch with tons of questions. We let them know a few of the "secrets" of radio...but they promised not to tell.

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Thank you, Central High School, for having us! We had so much fun. We cannot wait to come back!

A remember kids - do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.





Also, we listened to NBA Youngboy. He's alright.

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