Stop saying the viral photo was Evansville!

Getty Images

Luckily, I have a roommate (Kevin Flint) who works at that store and sent me this photo of what their display actually looks like:

Kevin Flint

There's no way it could be the same store. When you read something online, even if it's coming from a fairly reputable source (or one that looks like one), you have use common sense and ask "Hey, does our store look like that" or "Could this be a mistake?" This is a pretty simple case to figure out as long as you've been in the Walmart store recently or simply call someone and ask.

There are still people saying that it was our store, even after it's been proven to be false. Luckily, this wasn't a more serious case. Being associated with an offensive photo isn't the worst thing that could happen, but it does demonstrate that before you start hitting that share button online, you might want to double check the facts before spreading misinformation.