A Tri-State favorite has been rated as "worth the hype!"

Evansville has quite a few restaurants that are highly recommended to people visiting and to locals. On a recent list, titled "9 Wildly Famous Restaurants In Indiana That Are Totally Worth The Hullabaloo," a local favorite made the list.


Listed at number 3, our very own Turoni's Pizza and Brewery was voted one of the places totally worth the hype. The site was nice enough to say this about Turoni's:

"It's impossible to pinpoint the best pizza in Indiana, but Turoni's in Evansville sure does have a cult-like following. It's understandable why. This historic pizza place and brewery has a consistent, iconic taste, huge selection of toppings, and addictive garlic cheese bread. If you love thin crust pizza, this restaurant is a must try."

I couldn't agree more with what they said. That garlic cheese break is AMAZING and you can't go wrong with Turoni's thin-crust pizza. Congrats to all the great people at Turnoni's!

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