After winter weather stormed through the Tri-State earlier this week, some Evansville residents made the best out of the icy situation!

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Break out the Ice Skates

On Monday, January 30th, much of the Tri-State saw quite a bit of winter weather as sleet and ice rolled through.  When I left work on Monday evening, I was shocked at how icy it already was.   My windshield was freezing over before my defrost had time to kick in.  Many roads in the area were left with a solid sheet of ice.  On Tuesday we saw school cancellations and businesses close.   It definitely was a slick situation and one that I was not a fan of driving in! However, some Evansville residents decided to make the best of an icy situation and break out the ice skates!


Making the Best of a Bad situation

While many of us were stuck at home, there were a few Evansville residents who decided to bust out the ice skates.  In a video posted to Facebook, one person happened to drive by the Family Video parking lot at Covert and Weinbach, and there were people actually ice skating on the parking lot!  The video has since been shared over 500 times.

I think what I love most about this video is you can see people making the best of an otherwise crappy situation.  No one likes to be stuck at home while roads are covered with ice, but these folks decided to dust off their ice skates and have some fun.

This video brought a smile to my face, and I hope it did to you too!

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