For years, the local non-profit, Evansville Outreach, has hosted a backpack drive to help families struggling financially get the school supplies their kids need for a successful school year. However, this year's drive is in jeopardy due to a late removal of expected funding. The good news is, it's an opportunity for you and I to step up and help them meet their goal.

According to the event information on the Evansville Outreach Facebook page, the organization had a corporate sponsor lined up that had "committed to hundreds of backpacks," however pulled out of the partnership unexpectedly leaving Evansville Outreach in what they call a "desperate" situation.

In the past, they've been able to supply 450 backpacks full of supplies to students in need. As of the event posting on their Facebook page, they're currently at 100. With the drive set for this Saturday at Potter's Wheel on Jefferson Avenue, the group only has a few days left to try and make up the difference.

Here's where we come in, Evansville Outreach has set up a crowdfunding account on a website called where you can make whatever monetary donation you're comfortable with. One backpack full of supplies costs $20 according to Outreach. They've set a goal of $14,000, and as of this writing have only collected $795.

I know it feels like everyone and their brother is asking for money these days, but with education such an important part of a child's life, this is certainly a cause worth spending 20-bucks on.

Make your donation through Fundrazr, or if you're more comfortable giving actual supplies such as pencils, notebooks, folders, etc., those can be dropped off at AT&T at   at 5101 Vogel Road, care of Clarence Prior.

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