An Evansville man has literally gone miles out of his way to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy – about 862 miles to be more precise.

Stan Gregory, 57, made the decision to help the citizens of Little Ferry, New Jersey after seeing the aftermath of the destructive hurricane that pushed through the city several weeks ago, leaving many residents without food, shelter and little hope.

Instead of just sending a donation, Gregory took his philanthropy a step further by loading up a truck with hundreds of dollars of meat and a gas grill and headed eastbound on a three-day trip to Little Ferry. Upon his arrival, Gregory met the Eilertsen family who allowed him to use their driveway to start grilling up some food for people in need.

“People were coming that hadn't eaten in three days," said Eilersten. "It's incredible for someone to actually leave the state just knowing people needed help. It was overwhelming.”

Gregory says he was happy to be able to help and was impressed with just how much the people of New Jersey pulled together to help each other. "I don't ever want to hear anyone say anything bad about anyone from New Jersey again," said Gregory. "You hear about people from New Jersey, 'Oh, those people are rough.' I don't care. I'm going to help them."

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