Yep, you read that correctly.

If you live on the West Side of Evansville, you know that you love the following chips:


Grippos are definitely an Evansville delicacy and something we are sort of known for. Now imagine this: You get a brand new box of Grippos, leave them on your porch, and when you get back, they look tampered with. What would you do?

If you answered "Call the police," YOU WIN! Because that's exactly what someone did:

I just have so many questions. For one, who just leaves a box of chips on the porch? And two, who just starts eating someone's porch chips? Granted, it could have been an animal, but WHY ARE WE LEAVING CHIPS ON THE PORCH?! THEY BELONG INSIDE THE HOME TO BE EATEN!

No report on what the police found aside from our assumption that Ski was also involved.


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