Since 1984, Habitat for Humanity Evansville has served poverty stricken families in the tri-state by building quality houses for them to call home. These houses are built by people like me and you. Friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers who volunteer their time to help out the less fortunate in our community. With a series of builds scheduled for this summer, Habitat for Humanity is putting out the call to those people who want to lend a helping hand.

The "Law and Order Build" will take place every Saturday from June 9th through July 7th. Even if you're like me and have no discernible home building skills, you're still encouraged to volunteer. You may not be able to drive a nail into a board without bending it, surely you can apply a coat of paint, use sandpaper, or at the very least, carry supplies and hand it to the people who do know how to use it correctly.

For more info or to volunteer for the Law and Order Build, visit the Habitat for Humanity Evansville website.