I would just assume that the majority of people who encounter a spider will react in one of two ways - 1) kill it themselves, or 2) find someone else to kill it for them. I'll admit I'm not the world's biggest fan of spiders, but my first thought isn't to automatically kill them. I acknowledge that spiders serve a pretty important purpose, so if they are directly bothering me, I try not to bother them. There is a gas station in Evansville that has that same philosophy, and they have taken their respect for spiders even a step further.

Casey the spider

Save Our Spider

An employee at the Casey's gas station on Oak Hill Road in Evansville noticed a big, beautiful spider, and its equally big and beautiful web, on the front window of the store. As far as I can tell, it's a black and yellow garden spider, like the one pictured above. Instead of simply taking a broom to it and destroying what the spider had worked so hard to create, the folks at Casey's decided to "adopt" the spider. They named it Casey (fitting) and they posted a sign asking customers not to harm their new friend/pet. Amy Thomasson snapped a picture of Casey the spider and shared it on Facebook. The sign says...

"Please don't bother me, I'm harmless. I eat flies and bad bugs. My name is Casey!"

Casey the spider

What Do People Think of Casey?

I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of love being shown to Casey (and Casey's) in the comments. I thought for sure I would see comments about it killing it because it's "just a spider," but that has not been the case. Instead, there are comments like this...

"I love people sometimes for stuff like this."

"I love this! Spiders get such a bad reputation! There is so much good they do."

"I live a couple hours from there. Is it weird that I want to road trip to meet Casey?"

"I'm always glad when I see people caring for spiders and their webs. They are so beautiful and precisely made... just adorable- the spider and the web."

Casey the spider

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