AMR of Evansville recently announced their newest employee, and he just might be one of the cutest!

Meet Beedo! He's an 8-week old goldendoodle who will soon be calling American Medical Response of Evansville his home.  He has some training to do, but when his training is done he will be a therapy dog for Evansville's EMS provider. He will help bring comfort, happiness, and community partnerships.  According to the GMR Therapy Dog Program Facebook, Beedo will be trained to help bring comfort EMTs and paramedics during times of sadness and tragedies.

You can follow along Beedo's journey through AMR of Evansville's Facebook page.

:::NEW MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENT::: "...bee-do, bee-do, bee-do, bee-do..." Does everyone know who Beedo Minion is? Well, this is OUR Beedo! Meet Beedo the newest member of the GMR Therapy Dog Team! Beedo is an 8-week old Goldendoodle who calls AMR Evansville, Indiana home and will start training soon to become the 25th Therapy Dog on the Team. He will be available for service for many nearby AMR/Air Evac locations, other local public safety agencies and throughout the community. Welcome Beedo to the Team!

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