This is not an April Fool's Prank! You really can help save The Smurfs.

If you are a parent of a teen or younger kids, this is a good time to educate them about one of the most iconic animated series ever created. I'm talking about The Smurfs!

Treasured Collectable Keepsake

Somehow I have protected my Smurfette since the early 80s. I've moved around ten times, and she's probably the oldest keepsake that I still have. Why did Tracy give up his only Smurfette? I assume that I just irritated him, and he gave it to me, so I would stop asking!

Scroll down to hear the Smurfette story from Tracy Wilkerson himself.


I've seen different events by CluedUp Games but I didn't really look into how they work until I saw The Smurfs Great Escape game. It is a lot like Pokémon Go, but it's only available to those with tickets and it's on a certain day and time.

Looking for an exciting adventure with your family and friends? Save the Smurfs from the evil wizard Gargamel at this immersive new escape-room-style experience.


On Saturday, April the 1st, 2023, the streets of Evansville, IN will be transforming into a unique outdoor scavenger hunt. Solve puzzles, complete challenges, and join hundreds of other teams as you race against the clock to save the Smurfs.

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Tracy Wilkerson has known me since first grade. Somehow, I was able to talk him into giving me his Smurfette toy. I think she was pretty hard to find unless you happened to get a Happy Meal during her week at McDonald's.

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