The annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival will be up and running on Franklin Street Monday, and in an effort to keep everyone safe, the Evansville Police Department has released their annual list of items not allowed on the premises.

The Department released the list through their Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon:

The list includes the following items:

  • Animals/Pets of any type – service animals are allowed
  • Glass Bottles/Jars/Containers
  • Squirt Guns of any type/Water Balloons
  • Bicycles/Scooters/Skateboards/Roller-Blades
  • No Drones. It is against FAA regulations to fly drones over a crowd of people

New stipulations this year specifically regarding viewing the parade on Saturday afternoon include not allowing anyone to set up their spot the night before until after the street sweeper comes through (approximately 11:00 p.m.), no blocking the created walkways in the median, and no permanent fixtures in the median. The only items allowed will be chairs and blankets.

Of course, considering the world we live in these days, and the reports of violence at large gatherings such as the Fall Festival, the EPD is also leaning on us to help be extra sets of eyes and ears. If you see or hear something that seems a bit off (abandoned bags, backpacks, etc.) don't hesitate to alert a law enforcement officer, or a Nut Club member.

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