The Evansville Police Department is actively looking for a suspect that robbed a Family Dollar on Evansville's Southside Tuesday evening and they need your help. According to reports from the EPD, the call came from the Family Dollar on Vann Avenue just north of Covert ave. The caller reported being held up by someone with a gun but thankfully, no one was injured.

This is the store that is right down the street from my house that I shop at often. I'm glad I wasn't in there at the time of the robbery.

The alleged robber was wearing a mask, gloves and olive green hooded jacket and blue jeans when he entered the store. The suspect was reported as saying to the cashier, "You know what this is," showed a silver handgun and demanded money from the register. Police said the man left the store walking northbound cash from the register.

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Evansville Police Department.

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