Ogling strippers is kind of like eating Twinkies — it’s awesome in theory, and fun for a minute or two, but ultimately, all you’re going home with is an empty feeling and a touch of regret.

That’s the moral of the story for Enrique Iglesias’ new video, ‘Dirty Dancer,’ which drives the point home with cameos from Usher and Lil Wayne — not to mention plenty of world-class pole dancing from a bevy of beauties that our trio can look at, but never touch. As the song says, the dancers are “never ever lonely”…and none of the guys will ever “be her only.”

‘Dancer’ is the third single from Iglesias’ ninth album, the triple-platinum ‘Euphoria,’ following the Number Four hit ‘I Like It’ and the chart-topping club hit ‘Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You).’ His fall tour, which will take him to arenas throughout the U.S., is scheduled to kick off in Boston on September 22.

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