I've been lucky enough to be a youth coach for many, many years. I'm really grateful for the relationships I've made with the kids, their parents, and other amazing coaches. And it's super rewarding to see the kiddos learn and improve over the course of a season.

I actually just wrapped up coaching my son's basketball team with the Upward League on Evansville's west side. Thanks to an observant parent, I learned that Walther's Golf & Fun offers FREE parties for youth sports teams. It almost seemed too good to be true. I'm thinking 'what's the catch?' Well, there really is no catch and it really is that good.

We had our party last night and the team had a blast! It was a great way to end our season together. The party gets your players free mini-golf and a free round of laser tag. Plus they reserve some tables and chairs upstairs for ya. Just give Walther's a call to book your party...(812) 464-4472.

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