Sometimes our elf gets into trouble when he pulls naughty tricks. Sometimes he promotes kindness by leaving goodies for our daughter to deliver. Last night, he ran up to the North Pole and recorded a video for her. It was super cute! See her reaction and help your elf make one for your kids, spouse, friend, or co-workers!

For 10 years, PNP has made magical memories for families with personalized videos and calls from Santa that astonish and entertain by telling wonderful stories directly to your child.

Please use this link to redeem the 20% off on your Video Pass:
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Also, you can help sick kiddos just by purchasing a PNP (Portable North Pole) package. 5% will be donated to participating children's hospitals all over the world.

PNP is a service that "helps Santa" create videos for your kids, friends, and family. You download some photos and add details about if your kids have been naughty or nice and Santa and his elves will put together a video about them. How cool is that!

You can actually try it for free but if you decide to purchase a package, you'll be helping sick children. Learn more at


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