To say it's been one hell of an election season would be an understatement. Whether you're voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (or Gary Johnson, or folk singer Jill Stein), the past months have been a roller coaster of scandal, news dressed up to look like a scandal but was nottroubling leaked recordingsmemes, hopefully-decided-by-now voter Ken Bone, a brand-new Will & Grace scene and at LEAST one Facebook/dinner table argument with our respective loved ones. And we're all exhausted!

On Tuesday, November 8, we'll all FINALLY have just two things left to do: Vote if you haven't already, and await the election returns. Some will choose to be at a large rally, or numbing their pre-election anxiety at a local bar. Others will spend a quiet evening at home, listening to the pundits chatter and metaphorically and/or literally biting their nails and wishing this would all reach its conclusion as soon as possible. Either way, you should have a good election playlist ready, and we've got you covered.

Below, find a mix of hopeful songs meant to move to you the polls from Sam Cooke, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and vocal HRC supporter Katy Perry peppered with some oh-god-where-are-we-all-headed nihilism like Genesis' "Land of Illusion," because it suddenly feels relevant again and has one of the best puppet-filled music videos ever. Check out our 2016 election playlist track list, and listen via Apple Music below.

Election Day Playlist, 2016
Deee-Lite, "Vote Baby Vote"
Genesis, "Land of Confusion"
Sam Cooke, "A Change Is Gonna Come"
Lorde, "Glory and Gore"
Madonna, "Keep It Together"
Katy Perry, "Roar"
Sly and the Family Stone, "Stand!"
Michael Jackson, "Man In the Mirror"
Wyclef Jean, "If I Was President"
Lady Gaga, "Born This Way"
Tears for Fears, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
Beyonce, "Freedom"*
Stevie Wonder, "Higher Ground"
Lauryn Hill, "Everything Is Everything"
Janet Jackson, "Shoulda Known Better"
Devo, "Freedom of Choice"
Rage Against the Machine, "Take the Power Back"
The Coup, "My Favorite Mutiny"
Nas feat. Lauryn Hill, "If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)"
Kendrick Lamar, "Alright"

*Beyonce's "Freedom" and additional Lemonade tracks available only through Tidal, sadly

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