He tied your shoes, took you fishing, and never hesitated to come running when something went bump in the night. He is the superhero, the prince charming, and the great protective warrior of every little girl’s life. - by Georgiana Sook

From roughhousing and shoulder rides to goodnight kisses and bedtime stories, your dad has been there through it all. And even though it’s now time for a new man to take over, the wedding reception wouldn’t be complete without one last dance with daddy. A perfect dance needs a perfect song, and preferably not one that has been worn out by father-daughter dances of weddings past. Here are some songs you might not have thought about using.

1) Isn’t She Lovely - Livingston Taylor

Why it’s a good pick: This cover of the Stevie Wonder song is absolutely beautiful. If you’re looking for something sentimental that will undoubtedly jerk a few tears- this is your song.

2) Daughters - John Mayer

Why it’s a good pick: This song stresses the influence a daddy has on his little girl. It’s a tribute to him sticking around despite the pervasive cultural trend of dads leaving.

3) 100 Years - Five for Fighting

Why it’s a good pick: This tune is about the shortness of life and how quickly we grow up without realizing it. Boasting beautiful vocals and ranging in pace from slow to a quicker tempo, this song is perfect for the dad and daughter who want to throw some spinning in the mix.

4) Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman

Why it’s a good pick: Cinderella is all about cherishing the moments you have together. A moving song about dancing with Dad couldn’t be more appropriate for the occasion.

5) Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World Medley- Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Why it’s a good pick: This combination of classics will delight every heart in the room. This lovely melody will make the dance feel dream-like while still keeping the mood light with the upbeat sound of the ukulele.

6) Daughter - Loudon Wainwright III

Why it’s a good pick: This unconventional choice will definitely give everyone in the room a laugh. For the proud dad who likes to joke around, this tune is the perfect pick.

7) In My Life - The Beatles

Why it’s a good pick: For the father and daughter who want to throw it back and dance to less-modern song, "In My Life" is a good choice. The Beatles are always a crowd pleaser and this song lets Dad know that he always has been and always will be number one.

8)  You’ve Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman

Why it’s a good pick: Last but not least, a song everyone knows, but few would think to play for the father-daughter dance. This song is simple and sweet, reflecting on the friendship between the two that will last forever.