In one of the coolest and creepiest performances I've seen, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre were joined on stage during the closing set of this past weekend's Coachella Music Festival by a hologram version of the late Tupac Shakur. It's a video you have to see to believe and even then you still may not believe it.

First off, let me clarify the term "creepiest". I don't mean creepy like that neighbor down the road who goes out of his way to be overly-friendly with the kids in the neighborhood. I mean creepy as in that it appears so real, you start to wonder if it's actually Tupac on stage. It's not until you can see parts of the stage behind him through his feet that you can really separate fantasy from reality.

Now then, onto the video itself. The show starts with the lights down and the opening notes of a song I'm not familiar with followed by "Tupac" appearing to rise up from beneath the stage. After giving a shout out to Dr. Dre and Snoop (who both recipricate with a "what's up" although neither on stage at the time), 'Pac turns his attention to the crowd with a "What's up Coachella!" The interesting part about that shout out is that the Coachella Festival didn't start until three years after Tupac's death so where they found audio is a mystery to me.

After performing "Come with Me" and "Hail Mary", Snoop Dogg joins the holographic rhyme-spitter for "Gangsta Party". The performance ends with Tupac literally disentegrating into a cloud of smoke.

Before you press play, you should know the video contains explicit language and is definitely not safe for work or young ears. Because of that I was hesitant to even share the video, but I ultimately decided it was just too wild not to.

[Source: Yahoo! Music]