Ed Sheeran really is no frills. He proves it repeatedly, by refusing to act in his videos and by wearing jeans, sneakers and a sweater on the red carpet at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards tonight (May 19).

He further demonstrated the fact that it's about one thing for him -- the music -- with his intimate, fragile performance of 'Lego House' during the ceremony.

Sheeran, who crafts emotionally resonant songs that allow him to lay his cards face up on the table, performed in the center of the crowd, illuminated by the soft orange glow of floor stage lights. He strummed his guitar... And when the camera switched to an aerial view, you could see the audience was holding up silver lights, making it appear like stars in the night sky.

It was a beautiful visual and it was all Sheeran needed to elevate his performance. While he was surrounded by pop singers with full-on, million dollar production set ups and loads of bells and whistles, Sheeran basked in simplicity, letting his voice and his guitar strings be the focus, as opposed to dancers, flashing lights, stage props or other gimmicks.

It was a refreshing change of pace amidst a star-studded broadcast, where the notion that "My show and production is bigger than yours" hung thick in the atmosphere. Sheeran didn't partake in any of that nonsense, which is why his performance was so memorable.

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