I recently got back from a vacation in Chicago where I witnessed different breed of drivers. Chicago drivers, in one word, are BRAVE. Speed limits? Meh, more like speed suggestions.  In no way am I advocating this type of daring driving however it was nonetheless impressive to witness and take part in for a short time. Well, here I am back to the real world in Evansville, Indiana driving here can require some bouts of bravery at times. Its those bouts of bravery that sometimes don't pay off thus resulting in accidents. Without further ado, I present my list of the easiest places to get into an accident here in Evansville.

Hathaway Avenue

Intersection of Hathaway Avenue and Middle Mt. Vernon Road

This seemingly innocuous intersection in Evansville's westside can be quite a bear at times to deal with. I dislike it so much since it is sometimes difficult to see oncoming traffic traveling both East and West bound on Middle Mt. Vernon Road.

Red Bank Road

Intersection of Red Bank Road and Lloyd Expressway

Traveling westbound on the Lloyd at times can sometimes feel like a race. We all can admit that we've traveled faster than the posted speed of 50 MPH at least once in our lives. I mean, after all, it is supposed to be an expressway, right? HA. Right. Well, the hill on the Lloyd that intersects with Red Bank Road, for a lot of drivers, is where people test (and hope) that their brakes are working perfectly! I can't tell you how many times I've had to slam on my brakes as well as look in my mirrors and hope that the semi trailer directly behind has EXCEPTIONAL brakes as I wasn't hoping to become a sardine that day.

Wabash Avenue

Intersection of Wabash Avenue and Lloyd Expressway

This is another one of the famous brake testing spots on Evansville's westside. The main difference between this intersection and the Red Bank Road intersection is that you have a smaller stopping distance before the stoplight and the light his hid behind the hill.

US 41 and Lloyd Expressway

Intersection of Lloyd Expressway and US 41 North/South

Evansville's "half cloverleaf from hell" (surely I'm not the only one that calls it that) is a major intersection where tons of people enter and depart US 41 North and South at all hours of the day and because of this, you have to be on your game whenever you approach this beast.  I can't tell you how many accidents I've seen at the US41 South exit onto the Lloyd. Let's face it, its just not a pleasant to drive through. Depending on the traffic flow and if you hit a green light (which you probably won't) you can generally pass this area in five seconds.

Green River Road

Green River Road (from Morgan Ave. to I164)

Green River Road, the location where a lot of people go to enjoy great restaurants, do some shopping and drive crazy.  For some reason, once people enter this small stretch of road, a lot of people forget their automobile has a turn signal and that they should use it when changing lanes.  "OH, LOOK, I WANT TO GO TO THAT RESTAURANT, LET ME JUST DRIVE OVER INTO THAT LANE WITHOUT LOOKING FIRST AND WITHOUT USING MY TURN SIGNAL, LALALA."

Oh, and since this has been kind of a long rant about bad drivers in Evansville, there's one more thing that I need to get off my chest. To the people who perform a U-Turn at Left Turn Only stoplights...STOP IT, IT'S VERY ANNOYING. Us people who are using our Green Right Turn lights don't like getting flicked off and yelled at because we were driving properly.


So, what other spots in Evansville do you think it's easy to get in accident at? Let us know in the comments below!

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