Holy COW! Wayback Burgers in Evansville is participating in a national Wayback Burger contest in which contestants will compete for #3,330 in the Tripple Tripple Challenge on September 18th, 2017! That's right! If you think you have what it takes to consume a 9 patty, 9 cheese slice, lettuce, tomato, burger complete with a bun in record time you could win $3,330!

Wayback Burgers will have competition rounds throughout the day at 11 a.m, 2:15 p.m, 3:15 p.m, and 7:15 p.m with the winners announced at 9 p.m at the Crosspointe location. This is a national competition, so you'll be competing against the nation's best for devouring this monster burger in record time to win first prize! Three prizes will be available the day of the competition at the Evansville location for local winners.

Here's what you need to do to apply:
1) Fill out a sign-up form prior to competition day.
2) Pay for the "Tripple Tripple".
3) Compete and receive a T-shirt and a gift-certificate for your next visit to Wayback!

All I have to say to the brave few that wish to take on this challenge is this: Good luck and don't throw up.

Visit the official WaybackBurgers.com website for forms and National Challenge full details. Follow this Facebook event here.

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