The latest Dragon Ball series might be the best!


Dragon Ball Super (47 Episodes Dubbed, 126 Episodes Subbed)

I've always loved Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z but Dragon Ball GT (the sort of sequel to DBZ) wasn't very good. Luckily, the original creator came back and has given us Dragon Ball Super.

The show picks up after the conclusion of Z (making GT obsolete, thankfully) and really is a labor of love by the creators. The show has never been sharper, funnier, or action-packed than it is now. I've been binging the English dubbed version this past week and I'm reminded why I fell in love with the series in the first place.

The first two story arcs are a longer retelling of the two latest Dragon Ball Z movies (Battle of Gods and Resurrection "F"), after that, it becomes more of its own thing and it's amazing. I definitely recommend binge-watching this because waiting a week in-between half hour episodes is painful. This is a show that you just watch one after another.

The action is fast and beautifully animated. The series had issues early on with ugly animation but all of that was fixed as the series progressed. If you are looking for a series that lives up the standard that DBZ set, this is the show you should be watching.

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