Just when you thought we had run out of summertime events for COVID-19 to cancel, the pandemic pulled out its best Lee Corso impersonation and said, "not so fast my friend."

The Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District announced on Facebook Monday afternoon the remaining dates for the 2020 edition of Night on Main series have been cancelled. As has been the case with nearly every cancelled event this year, organizers noted concerns over the ability to safely enforce recommended social distancing guidelines, and the "high touch aspects of the event" as the reason behind the decision. They also said there were discussions with businesses along the Main Street Walkway to explore different options that would allow the events to continue, however they ultimately decided the risk would not be worth the reward.

The Night on Main Series made its debut last summer. Each event (three total, one each in June, July, and August) is 21-and-over, and features a different theme each time. For example, the first was carnival themed and featured a small Ferris Wheel and carnival-style performers along one block of the Main Street Walkway. Each night features food and drinks, including alcohol, along with live entertainment.

With the cancellation of this year's series, organizers say they will now shift their focus to planning the 2021 series.

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