Air fryers are quite possibly the trendiest kitchen appliance out there, but can you use one to pop popcorn? Sort of... but you might not want to try it at home.

When you think about cooking things with air, what comes to mind first... popcorn, right? But can you air fry popcorn?

My first air fryer experience was about six or seven months ago, my friend told me I HAD to buy one to cook brussel sprouts. So I did. And they were pretty good, but the reason I knew I needed an air fryer was I didn't have to do anything after I loaded the basket. That's the kind of cooking I liked!

After I fell in love with the air fryer, we decided on Fridays on Good Day Stateline, we would have a segment called 'Air Fry Day.' Every Friday night we make something in the air fryer, and I've been very impressed at what we could do.

From 'fried' Oreos, to grilled cheese, to cinnamon roasted almonds and cauliflower wings, the air fryer can do it all... or can it?

Can You Air Fry Popcorn?

Enter the Oscars. We knew we needed something fun to air fry before the Oscars last Friday night on the show and when I googled 'air fry popcorn,' the internet said I could, so I tried it with Sweet Lenny, who stopped by to talk about the movies with me.

Part one!

And part two...

I don't think I read the directions.

The result smelled horrible and tasted burnt... and popped in my face, which I don't recommend if you can avoid it.

But I SWEAR it's possible. Have you attempted to air fry popcorn? Send me your tips!

And if you're wondering, this is why we laughed at the 'science' comment.


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