ORIGINAL STORY: Few, and I mean very few things are important enough to me to stop what I'm doing (being lazy) on a Saturday morning, open my laptop, and work. But this just sent me over the top. Hopefully, it does you too.

I was scrolling through Facebook, even though I told my husband I was Pinterest meal prepping for the week, and I came across this old brown dog. Nothing special about the old brown dog - just a sad look and a story. When I read the story, I teared up because until the moment he was surrendered to the shelter, his life was barely worth living.

***SENIOR ALERT*** Klygo is an 8 year old brown lab mix who was released to the shelter because he was getting old. This poor guy seems to have always been an outside dog so we do not believe he is house broken. He does have an old wound on the back of his neck that looks like he has been tied up the majority of his life.  -CHRISTIAN COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER 

So, let's just break this down here. Sweet Klygo (which means "a very spiritual being who often relies on intuition for decision making") probably spent his life outside on a chain. His collar was so tight it caused a wound on his neck. Then, when Klygo got too old to, you know, to be a pretty lawn ornament... he was dumped off at the shelter for someone else to deal with.

Who does this? I try so hard not to be judgmental to other peoples' situations but I also can't imagine as a living creature to live your whole life outside in the same spot day after day and then one day when you are old being taken away from that spot and put into a place with bars and barking dogs and uncertainty as to where your life goes from here.  I can't imagine being okay with doing this to a dog because my dogs have meant so much to me.

Eighteen years ago, I found a little brown dog at the Christian County Animal Shelter which is located in Hopkinsville, KY. Though it was a bit of a drive, I went to meet the little brown dog. He was not house trained. He wasn't all that cute. And he wasn't even sweet like Klygo. He was a holy terror. A biter. A tearer upper of all things. A marker of his territory whenever and wherever he was. He was pretty cool with me though and I took him home. From that day on, he became my soulmate. When he was 13 and was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure, I refused to accept defeat and through natural medications and exercise, I enjoyed another four years with my little brown dog. I loved him fiercely even though he was old, and sleepy, and grouchy, and grey. I wanted more time with him. I grieved for days, weeks, months after his passing. I can't understand how anyone would take something as wonderful and kind as a dog and treat him as if he were nothing more than a decorative rock.

And, I see this kind of thing all the time at local shelters. People dump their mistreated pets all the time to go get a new one. I have a choice name for them that I'll keep to myself. Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise though. They have spent their life in sadness. Even if it's for a short time, I hope they find that not everyone is terrible and that they might find a little love.

I have to say that the Christian County Animal Shelter holds a special place in my heart. They give even the "undesirable" animals a chance. The old brown dogs of the world. Let me tell you something about old brown dogs - they are truly a gift from above. They are the most loyal. The most true. In my opinion, a living reflection of God himself.

If they didn't give the old brown dogs a chance, I would have never found my little brown soulmate. Maybe Klygo is yours. If you'd like to show this boy unconditional love for the rest of his years, consider adopting him. His adoption fee is $33 and he can be microchipped for $8.25. If interested in adopting you MUST call 270-887-4175 to either adopt over the phone or schedule an appointment to meet. They accept calls Tuesday through Saturday 10:30-4. The Christian County Animal Shelter is located at 2935 Russellville Road (Highway 68 East) Hopkinsville, KY 42240.

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