KEYCHAIN Productions is based right here in Evansville, and they have taken to to help launch their latest project - Dying to Be Adopted, A documentary about euthanasia rates and over-population in our community's animal shelters.


Every year thousands of innocent animals are put to death. Not because they are sick... Not because they are dangerous... Simply because there is no more room at the shelter and more & more animals are being surrendered daily. This is a growing problem, not only here in the Tri-State, but all over the country. Shelters are being forced to make tough choices... who lives and who dies. These animals are literally dying to be adopted. That is the harsh reality.

The goal is to get this documentary off the ground, allowing it to highlight the good and the bad in the world of animal shelters. The hope is that it will help inspire change not only in our shelters but in our society as well. Locally, the Vanderburgh Humane Society works every day to try to minimize the euthanasia rates, but they are fighting an uphill battle. Education is key to help fight against pet over-population, abuse & neglect, and owner surrenders.


In order to get Dying to Be Adopted launched, KEYCHAIN Productions needs your help. Whether it's one dollar or $100, your donation at their page will make a difference. I often tell people when they ask me why I talk so much on about animal adoptions (Don't shop! Adopt!), it's because it's how I can make a difference. I cannot personally save all of these animals (If I could, I would!!) but I can spread the word. That is exactly what Dying to Be Adopted is about... spreading the word. Help spread the word about pet over-population, and euthanasia. Make a donation.

Take a look at the short clip below. The reality is not an easy thing to face. These animals need us.

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