Today is a BIG day for me! A couple weeks ago, on a chilly day, I pulled out my old trusty Born Vivi boots that I LOVE and strapped them on for a big Chamber meeting. On the walk over to the meeting, I looked down and really took notice of how shabby they looked. UG but I LOVE my boots. So, I took to the internet to find a new pair (even though they are about six years old) and through the magic that is Poshmark, I found a pair that was never worn, still in the box, for only $65! Okay, okay, I offered $50 but she accepted and my brand new boots were delivered last week. I wore them today and couldn't be happier.

There are two types of people in this world - the ones who love the newest, trendiest, brightest, shiniest things and the ones who prefer the comfort of what they have. In most things, I fall into the second group. I drive a car that is ten-years-old. I have a fifteen-year-old dog. I wear my original Newbies from 2004 because they don't ever go out of style and I still use my high school backpack on the daily even though it's navy and I hardly ever wear navy.

Do I want a new car? Sure! But, I can't justify spending $40,000 on a vehicle when mine works perfectly fine and I have to think about my kid's college education. Same with the backpack... blue is ehhh but when it comes down to it, who cares if I carry a blue backpack to haul my work computer around? Plus, I KNOW these things work really well. New ones might not and that's so disappointing when you get something new and shiny and it SUCKS. :^/ I remember buying a pair of Sperry's a few years ago. Everyone said, just endure the hours of blisters and pain! One day they'll be your favorite shoe! Okay, so I want my shoes to be awesome from the start - NOT endure months of pain to get to that point. Ya know? Am I crazy? I don't want to trade in my trusty Ford Edge for something that may or may not be a lemon.

So what kind of person are you? Are you all about the new and shiny or do you prefer old and comfy?


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