This cold snap has some people watching to snuggle on the couch and others wanting to get out in the snow and hit the slopes.  We found some places you can ski within driving distance of the Tri-State.


While we don't have any Colorado ski slopes right here in the Tri-State we have a few places that are super fun to visit if you love to ski.

Paoli Peaks-these slopes are located in Paoli, Indiana, and just a short drive from anyone in these here parts.  Paoli opened last week.  It is under new management offering eight trails that visitors can ski and ride on;  Family Trails, Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Hoosier Bend, Haywagon, Mindbender, and Discovery zone carpet.  They are operating at different hours throughout the weekend and weekends and if you head to the Paoli Peaks Facebook page. Snow tubing will open up at a later date in the season.

Angel here and I remember my first time at Paoli Peaks I went with our church youth group and loved every single minute of it.  From the ski lodge to the different leveled slopes.  I actually ended up on the wrong hill and accidentally went down Black Diamond.  YIKES!  I got stopped halfway down thankfully and made it back up with help.

PERFECT NORTH SLOPES- This is another ski resort is located in Southeast Indiana closer to Ohio but still worth the drive.  Just like Paoli, they have Snow Skiing, Boarding, and Tubing.  They have multiple trails to enjoy.  If you think you want to make a weekend of it there are even lodging packages that include staying overnight and heading to the slopes.

POKAGON STATE PARK is very close to Angola, Indiana is a pretty good drive from the Tristate but the perfect distance for a road trip.  While this is not a ski resort it's super fun for winter with a Toboggan Run.

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