This morning on The Rob's Radio Show, Kat mentioned that she watched 'Paranormal Activity 2' over the weekend & Chandelle had watched 'The Conjuring.' This brought us into a discussion as to whether each of us believed in the supernatural or not.

With Halloween just around the corner, we all agreed that it is that time of year when it is just fun to be scared. Scary movies are better, ghost stories are scarier, and the thought of ghosts and demons actually existing is way more fun. But our beliefs on the topic are all quite different:



I have a really hard time believing in paranormal activity or anything supernatural, but I want to believe that such things exist. I mainly don't believe in these things because I have never experienced anything like it & it's hard to believe that some of the more dramatic things could actually happen. But I want to believe that it is possible, simply because I think it is fun to be scared.



I definitely believe in the paranormal and supernatural. When I was much younger friends and I would use a Ouiji board - very peculiar. As I have gotten older, I have met plenty of people who have had experiences that cannot be explained with what some would call  "logical reasoning." I know people who have experienced the average haunting, where grandma comes to visit from time to time, as well as more frightening experiences that cannot just be explained away as a settling house or groaning pipes. While I have not personally experiences physical manifestations, I know people who have. These are people that I have known for many years - people who are sane, able-minded people who I have no reason to doubt. On a personal level, I have had more than a few experiences with feelings of dis-ease when I am in places that are rich in what you might call history. I also believe that children and animals are far more susceptible to experiencing these kinds of things. I think as we get older most of us "turn off" our sensitivities to the paranormal and supernatural either from fear of the unknown or fear of ridicule from others. As for me... I definitely believe. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.


I don't believe in paranormal activity or the supernatural because I am 100% certain such things do not exist.  I understand that sometimes things happen without obvious explanation or reason, and that this can be confusing to people, and that an easy explanation to justify it to yourself would be that it was something not of this world.  I understand that a lot of people choose to believe these things that they see in movies and on television, even a lot of people I respect feel this way...  But I assure you, ghosts, ghouls, the paranormal, and the supernatural of figments of your imagination.




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