'Tis the season to be SNOTTY, fa la la laaaa la laaaa AH-CHOO! With all these crazy temperature changes during these winter months, it seems almost impossible not to come down with SOME kinda bug that gets you all stopped up, and blowing your nose raw. But a lot of people are still skeptical about whether or not getting a flu shot really helps.

Immunizations are usually an inert version of the virus that triggers your immune system to produce antibodies to THAT virus. But that bad part about colds and the flu is that they MUTATE every year and with every host. So the vaccine you get might protect from last year's bug, but it probably won't help you too much again a new strain. Especially if you have small children that like to sneeze and cough directly in your face!

Will you get or have you ever gotten a flu shot? If so, do you think it helped and will you get another one? Leave your comments in the box below and cover your mouth!

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