The Indiana DNR has just launched a new interactive water trail map for Hoosiers who enjoy paddle sports.

It's no secrete that I am an avid kayaker. There's nothing better than getting out on the water and soaking in mother nature...and catching some fish in the process. Having said that, I am always looking for new waters to explore in the area. I know we have quite a few folks in the area who also love kayaking and other paddle sports. That's why I wanted to share this new water trail map with those who are also looking for new waters to paddle.

This comprehensive water trails map combines information from multiple agencies and divisions, both federal and state. Included are:
·  Public access sites
·  The most up-to-date river miles
·  Real-time river level gauges
·  Low-head dams
·  Watercraft rental locations

According to  Fox 59, co-founder of the statewide paddling organization Indiana Paddlesports Alliance, Dan Valleskey says “We have some great rivers in this state, and paddle sports are growing rapidly.  I look forward to having the use of a good, up-to-date portable tool that will help plan trips.”

The map shows sever rivers and creeks throughout Indiana that you can paddle. It's main purpose is to show water trails like that. However, one thing that it doesn't feature are a few lakes that are open to kayaks and other paddle sports. Spots in the Evansville area that could be included Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife, Scales Lake, and Lynnville Lake. Hopefully once this map really takes off, it will feature more locations such as these so that paddlers can see more locations that they can paddle.

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