Because no '90s nostalgia source can go un-mined at this point, Disney has announced that they're reviving Whoopi Goldberg's 1992 comedy Sister Act.

It's not immediately clear whether the film will pick up where Sister Act 2 left off, or if it's a straight-up remake like the upcoming and wholly unnecessary modern-day versions of Point Break, The Craft and the '80s cartoon Jem. There's also no word yet on whether Whoopi will return, or, if by some miracle, Sister Act 2 costar Lauryn Hill will make an appearance.

One factor that is certainly working in the new project's favor: According to the Hollywood Reporter, screenwriters Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah are on board to write the script. They're the team behind 10 Things I Hate About You (DO NOT REMAKE THIS CLASSIC, HOLLYWOOD, BAD NO), Legally Blonde and Ella Enchanted — that's a pretty solid track record, so perhaps all judgments should be reserved for the eventual trailer. Allison Shearmur, who produced this year's live-action Cinderella, will produce this as well.

The original film centered around a lounge singer named Deloris Van Carter (played by Goldberg) who goes into witness protection after seeing a mob hit in Reno. The nuns in her new convent home make her join the church choir, with hilarious, heartwarming and very song-heavy results.

Twitter seems largely lukewarm on the announcement, with pre-emptive worries that they'll tarnish Sister Act 2's legacy next. What about you — have you been wondering about Deloris' fate for the last 22 years? Are you overjoyed because you saw the Sister Act musical one million times? Let us know in the comments.

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