The St. Louis Zoo will have a new exhibit opening soon that will feature dinosaurs.

If you have ever been to the St. Louis Zoo before, you know that they have so much to offer. It's a free zoo and between all the animals you see as well as some of the shows they have there, you could spend all day at the zoo. Now, the St. Louis Zoo has announced a new temporary exhibit that will take you back in time.

Dinosaurs are coming to the St. Louis Zoo!

Emerson Dinoroarus will be the latest exhibit opening up at the zoo. According to the St. Louis Zoo's website, this immersive and engaging attraction features 16 different animatronic and stationary dinosaurs, "colorful, prehistoric creatures that move realistically, some roaring and spitting or placidly munching on the lush vegetation." Not only that, but you can observe a staged fossil dig site and learn all about fossils, which sounds pretty cool.

You might be wondering what kind of dinosaurs will you run into at this exhibit. The St. Louis Zoo has listed a few that will be on display:

  • Life-size triceratops
  • 12-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Giant stork-like quetzalcoatlus
  • 18-foot-tall brachiosaurus
  • Nest of duck-billed parasaurolophus babies
  • And many more

Don't worry, this isn't Jurassic Park. You won't be in any danger when you visit this exhibit…and the T-Rex doesn't bite. There's a lot more to this exhibit than just walking around and seeing all of the dinosaurs. It's really an educational experience. According to the St. Louis Zoo, you will "learn fun and interesting facts about dinosaurs and the information scientists have gained from their fossils, theories on their mass extinction, and practical ways you can help protect animals today from going extinct." Plus you'll learn about modern aged dinosaurs that still roam the Earth today.

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The new Dinoraurus exhibit will opening on April 17th and will be located in the former Children's Zoo through October. Dinoroarus tickets can be purchased at the St. Louis Zoo entrances and attractions when the exhibit opens. It will cost $5.95 per person for ages 2 and up; children under the age of 2 are free. Zoo members may use their member tickets or premium member tickets for admission to the attraction.

You can find out more about this exhibit by clicking here.

Dinosaurs Are Coming To The St. Louis Zoo

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