Did T-Swift just tease a new song...in a commercial? 

Taylor has partnered with UPS for her upcoming album, Reputation, which is set to be released Nov. 10. Yesterday, a commercial was posted to YouTube that shows a UPS truck driving around a city with Swift's album cover plastered on the side.

In the video, a type of EDM/Techno plays in the background. It appears to have some vocals mixed in, but it seems sped up a bit, so it's a little hard to decipher. However, one fan slowed the audio down a bit and it's undeniably (in my opinion) Taylor's voice.

Many Swifties think Taylor used the UPS commercial to drop an "egg" for her fans, but others think it's just a catchy tune. Fans are speculating it's a new song called "Rip off the Page." Like I said, I hear her voice without a doubt, but I guess we will have to wait until Nov. 10 to find out. Listen to the link attached above and let me know what you think.

Either way, it's a cool sounding sound byte and I think it'd make for a good song. I'm anticipating this new album, and I'm eager to see what other bombshells Swift will drop on us. I have a feeling the entire album will consist of all types of different sounds and styles. Maybe this is T-Swift finding her "new" groove.

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