I checked the mail the other day and found something rather odd in my mailbox.  Now, let me preface this conversation with this.  I get A LOT of entertainment-related direct mailers sent to me.  I get brochures for plays and musicals on Broadway in New York.  I get Entertainment Weekly magazine.  I received a copy of People last week (and I don't even have a subscription).  But I never received a direct mailing from a television show or a major network.  Well, that is until this week.  I got a postcard from Ted Danson.

Look at this!


I tried my best to take a selfie that captured my initial reaction when I pulled this postcard out of the mailbox.  Personally, I think I nailed it.

I mean, what is this?  Why did I get this?

First of all, I only watch a handful of shows on network television and I don't think one of them is a comedy.  I watch shows about serial killers.  But, speaking of comedies, I had to do some digging to find out what this particular one's about.

In case you're wondering, Ted Danson plays the title character, Mr. Mayor.  His real name is Neil Bremer and Neil is a wealthy businessman who decides to venture into local politics.  It goes well and he becomes Mayor of Los Angeles. Academy Award winner Holly Hunter, who I coincidentally watched Sunday night in the 1995 movie, Copycat (about serial killers), costars.

According to the postcard, the show premiered on January 7th, which is interesting because I received the notice on January 21st . . . two weeks after the premiere.  But, I think it was sent late on purpose.  In the bottom right-hand corner the card says, "Sorry this postcard took so long. Traffic." And it's signed "Neil," which is Ted Danson's character's name.

On the back of the card, there's a note.  It says, "Hi, Friend.  I'm LA's newest mayor, so I thought I would introduce myself and my helpful team.  Whether you're a potential visitor, a local Angeleno or even my teenage daughter . . . I hope to make you proud."

Okay, I'll give NBC and the marketing team behind the show some props.  This is certainly a different way of reaching homes.  But there is zero chance that I am going to use my cell phone to scan to code on the back of the card for a sneak peek.  I'll just stick to watching the trailer on YouTube.

Have YOU gotten a postcard from Ted Danson?  Anybody?  Hello?  Is it just me?

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