Desiigner is on the move again in the latest video for "Caliber."

After riding the "Panda" train, Desiigner released a whole new set of tracks on his debut mixtape, New English. "Caliber," which serves as the opener for the Brooklyn rapper's EP, is the first song off of it to get a visual.

In the video, Desiigner remains his extreme hyper self -- remember his infamous meme that surfaced after the 2016 BET Awards?

But he can't move too fast throughout the video since he's also seen getting a new tattoo on his neck. The visual splices clips of Desiigner getting the new ink, rapping in the booth and giving directions to producers and audio engineers on how he wants the track.

The tattoo turns out to be an eye in the middle of his neck. As for the track, it serves some of that "Panda" feel including high bass beats, repetitive words and lyrics that are hard to interpret. Only time will tell if "Caliber" becomes as catchy as "Panda."

"I make a lot of new different money / Trap overnight like it's fifty summie / Finesse out the plug while gettin', I'm gettin' cuddie / Caliber, caliber, caliber / Caliber, caliber, get somebody / Caliber, caliber, hit somebody / Caliber, caliber, rip somebody," raps the G.O.O.D. Music artist.

The full project is streaming on TIDAL. Check out the video above.