Dentures hold a special pale in my heart. Yep, I know that sounds crazy, but they do. All my grandparents wore dentures and one of them actually made dentures for a living.

I can remember my grandparents dentures making a clacking sound when they talked. It sounded weird, yet completely natural to me. I thought that's just how grandparents talked. At night they would put their dentures in am individual cup of cleaning solution. This meant that they weren't in their mouths. I remember that looking so crazy. They not only sounded funny without their dentures, but they liked even funnier.

Dentures aren't as necessary as they used to be. With better dental hygiene, you don;t really see them much anymore. But, for various reasons, some people still have to have them. They aren't cheap, either. So, if somebody lost them, it would be pretty disappointing. Plus, they would be walking around no teeth until they were able to get a replacement. When I saw a post by an Illinois treasure hunter/scuba diver about a pair of dentures he found in the middle of Shawnee National Forest, I felt like I had to help.

It was also pretty funny to me. I could only imagine how the dentures got lost in the first place. The possibilities are endless and all hilarious.

Here is the video of the denture discovery.

Let's help get these dentures back in the mouth of the person they belong to. If you have any lead, shoot me an email.

Cody Bret is gaining a reputation for finding long lost objects and getting them back to their rightful owner. He is getting endorsements for his YouTube channel and has been featured on Fox News and other media outlets. I can't wait to see what he finds next. Subscribe and follow his adventures, HERE.

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