Didn't you know that there is an official Answer the Telephone Like Buddy The Elf day? Well, now you do and it's December 18th!

People everywhere are captivated by the happy-go-lucky "Buddy" in the film Elf. The enthusiasm people feel for his character has yet to die down after all these years and I'm starting to think that it never will. Some even say that Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas without watching Elf. It's ridiculous I know, but that's just a popular public opinion.

We could ask Santa his opinion on the subject since, you know, I know him. All I'm sure of is that you shouldn't be an angry elf this Christmas season! So, on December 18th answer the phone like Buddy the elf because how is that not the most fun you've had in years? I'm sure bill collectors will be particularly fond of this greeting:

What's YOUR favorite line from the movie Elf? Drop it below and remember, don't be a cotton headed ninny muggins this Christmas!

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