Daviess County High School seniors Dana Ford and Kamrin Kirby decided to spend Sunday afternoon taking some "senior" pictures.  Of course, that was before Governor Andy Beshear's official announcement Monday afternoon that schools in the Commonwealth are now closed for the remainder of the academic year.  But Dana and Kamrin had a hunch it was coming.

Coronavirus has put a virtual stop to all of the usual senior rites of passage, like Senior Prom, Senior Week and, of course, graduation.  So, Dana and Kamrin decided to put on their graduation gowns anyway and go out and take some "graduation photos."

As graduating students around the Commonwealth deal with the news that they won't be going back to school to officially wrap up their senior years, at least they're able to maintain a sense of humor and some perspective.  After all, it's important to note that the coronavirus pandemic is affecting everybody in some way, but hardly anybody the same way.

But, we all continue to adapt in ways that make the most sense for us and give us some sense of light at the end of thus unexpected tunnel.  Dana, for instance, is already looking ahead to her next chapter.  This Fall, she'll be heading off to the Paul Mitchell Academy in Mufreesboro, Tennessee.  Hopefully, by then, this won't suck as much.

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