This weekend's Saturday Night Live was epic!  It was funny, it was edgy, it was emotional, it was relevant, it was talked-about...  It was EVERYTHING I want SNL to be!  Featuring the incredible talent of A Tribe Called Quest as musical guest, Dave Chappelle had the honor of hosting the first episode since the historic 2016 Presidential Election and he really made it count.  


To be honest, I saw an endless stream of people sharing highlights from this weekend's episode.  Mostly it was Kate McKinnon's somber cold-open to show paying tribute to Leonard Cohen as Hillary Clinton covering "Hallelujah," or Chappelle brilliant nod to The Walking Dead starring several of his incredibly beloved regular characters from his own historic sketch comedy show The Chappelle Show.  While the latter was probably my favorite, and the former hit me in all the feels, there were plenty of funny sketches that weren't shared virally yesterday.  Like this one, with the help of Chris Rock, that showed what things were like at Dave Chappelle's (fictional) Election Party!

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