With over 968,000 views as of this writing, this video of a dad and his young kids singing along to Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on the way to school has become the newest viral sensation.

According to the video's description provided by YouTube user, southlandification (who I assume is the dad...or I guess it could be mom), the family sing-a-long has become a daily ritual. Depending on traffic, the description goes on to say, they can start the song as they leave driveway and pull up in front of school just as it ends.

My favorite part is watching the youngest, a boy somewhere between 2-4 years old, sit in his car seat and try to follow the lead of his oldest sister sitting next to him, but clearly can't keep up with the words. Honestly, I don't many adults who can keep up with the words either.

Also keep your eye on the daughter in the front seat. While she seems more then content to participate, she refuses to show any expression in a stoic kind of way. It's not until the end as the song wraps up that she even cracks a smile and acknowledges the presence of the camera.

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