In my articles for WKDQ, I often write about the strange and unusual. Whether it's a ghost sighting, an encounter with a UFO, or dentures found at the bottom of a lake, it all fascinates me. When I came across this photo in one of my Facebook groups, I had to take a double-take. Was it scary and strange, or was it exactly where it should be?

Do you remember the boat sticking out of a sandbar, half of it buried in the sand by the Wabash River, near New Harmonie, IN? That was crazy. I was just going for a walk and there it was and I really had to try and get a closer look.

But, at least it kinda made sense that it was there by the river, unlike the car sticking out of a mound of earth in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky. It made no sense that it was out there. No roads were nearby and really no civilization, either.  Or, now that I think about it, the welded together UFO-looking sculpture-type thing sitting on the edge of a rock cliff in Kentucky. Weird, just weird.

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This photo, though, looks like it whatever is swimming in  Kentucky Lake probably shouldn't be there. Or, should it? It looks really scary at first. It looks like there is a crocodile swimming in the waters at Kentucky Lake.

Jared Arnett/Facebook
Jared Arnett/Facebook

This is what Jared had to say about what he saw,

Croc spotted in Kentucky Lake..... I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!!

I would have thought the same thing at first. People on Facebook loved the photo. I thought it was hilarious. It IS a Croc, just not the kind of croc it looked like at first glance. Look a little closer. If this Croc isn't on someone's foot,  Kentucky Lake seems like the next most logical place for it to be. LOL

Jared Arnett/Facebook
Jared Arnett/Facebook


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